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Animal Request Form

Please complete our Companion Animal Request Form to request approval for your furry friend. All requests are subject to approval. Approval is not guaranteed. Please allow 24-48 hours for evaluation.

  • Guest Information

  • Guest must be 18 years of age or older to request a companion animal for this experience.
  • Reservation Information

  • Note: If you do not already have a reservation with us, a Clearly representative will reach out to assist with your reservation upon approval.
  • Choose the boat that your pet will be accompanying your on. Note: pets must be under the supervision of an adult (18+) at all times. Pets may not ride with unaccompanied youth guests. "Youth Single" and "Youth/Youth" Double Boats are not acceptable.
  • Animal Information

    Note: Clearly Pet Policy states that accepted animals must be small dogs under 20lbs unless otherwise approved by management. Pets exceeding 20lbs may not be approved for complementary shuttle transit. All pets must be well behaved, free of any and all infectious diseased and up to day on all vaccines. Approval is not guaranteed.
  • Note: All approved animals must be transported in pet carrier not exceeding 20in (L) 18in (H) and 16in (W) for shuttle transportation. Animals exceeding 20lbs may not be approved for complementary shuttle transit.
  • Guest may be required to carry their animal when entering and exiting the boats. Guest should anticipate lifting animal to approximately 3 feet in height and walk up to 15 feet before entering the boats.
  • Veterinary Information

    Clearly Pet Policy states that all approved animals must be up to date on vaccines and be free of any infectious conditions that may cause illness to other animals or guests.
  • Note: All vaccinations should be current for the time of your scheduled Clearly Experience. Vaccination records can also be emailed to Note: application may not be approved without complete vaccination records on file.
    Max. file size: 5 GB.
  • Max. file size: 5 GB.
  • Behavioral Information

    Clearly Pet Policy states that all approved animals must be trained and well behaved with no history of inappropriate behavior. Companion animals must remain under the supervision and restraint of an adult guest at all times during as well as pre and post activity or while on site at Clearly operating locations.
  • We understand situations are circumstantial. Please explain the scenario so we can better understand your pet.
  • Note: Clearly Pet Policy states all pets must ride in a boat with an adult passenger (18+) during your Clearly Experience. No more than one (1) animal will be permitted in each boat.
  • Note: Clearly Pet Policy states that all animals must remain on no more than a 6ft leash at all times during the activity as well as pre and post activity or while on site at operating location.
  • As a result of inappropriate behavior guest maybe asked to remove animal from tour group and continue their experience under default restrictions. In severe cases of disobedience, guests may be asked to remove animal from the property immediately, the "property" includes launch site, or any Clearly operating location including shuttle transportation. Our Clearly Pet Policy and fees will apply.
  • I hereby state that I, the "guest" am 18 years or over and have completed this form on behalf of myself and my pet. I agree that all the information above is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and that any false information will result in immediate denial of application or termination of activity.
  • I hereby agree to take full responsibility for the safety, well-being and conduct of this animal, including the animal’s interactions with other animals and/or individuals. Should this animal cause Clearly, Clearly LLC, Clearly Tahoe, Clearly Puerto Rico, including any of our operating locations or its customers any loss, injury, damage or expense of any kind, I consent and acknowledge that I accept full liability for any such loss, injury, damage or expense. I understand that this is an application and not a guarantee of approval. I understand that multiple factors determine the approval of my pet including but not limited to type, weight, breed, behavior, veterinary records, weather, season and external uncontrollable factors.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.